Lady of Avenel etchings

Here is the Lady of Avenel in aquatint. Here is the hard ground, before the aquatint went on: To help with the aquatint, I made a small test plate. It seemed a pity to leave it blank, so I put some sea life: Lady of Avenel is an 102ft brigantine square rigger. I sailed on … Continue reading “Lady of Avenel etchings”

Sketching near Oban, Argyle and Bute, Scotland

Every year the Lady of Avenel needs a refit to prepare her for her working season. The Lady of Avenel is an 102ft square rigged brigantine, currently based near Oban, on the west coast of Scotland. This year I went up there to join the working party for the refit. I travelled by overnight train … Continue reading “Sketching near Oban, Argyle and Bute, Scotland”

The swimming artist

Immersion: that’s the important thing – to be here in the present moment, and not lose any of it. Swimming is a sure way of experiencing the here and now. Especially when the water is cold, or I have to catch a breath between sloshing sea waves, the water brings me into the present. Surrounded … Continue reading “The swimming artist”

Sketch notes from maritime Holland

This is Noordermarkt, as seen from Café Hegeraad, in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam. It was a lovely autumn day, warm with a light breeze. I had the apple cake and a coffee. I had arrived from the overnight Stena Line ferry, then a sequence of trains from the Hook of Holland. My destination was Surinamekade, … Continue reading “Sketch notes from maritime Holland”

Outer Hebrides 2017

I took my sketching things on a swimming expedition to the Outer Hebrides with Swimtrek. We were on the wonderful Lady of Avenel 102ft square rigged brigantine. We started in Oban. It was raining when I drew this picture, as you can see from the way the pen has drifted a bit, round the chimneys. … Continue reading “Outer Hebrides 2017”


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