New Year Card 2020

Happy New Year! Here is my New Year Card 2020:

It’s a two-plate woodcut. I call the design “VICISSITUDES” because it shows the ups and downs of the year. The star and the sunrise are cut from a magazine, Vogue or the FT “How to Spend It” supplement, both of which contain high quality paper which cuts cleanly.

The background that looks a dull beige on the computer screen is gold paint. It glistens. It is “Schmincke Aqua Linoprint 35ml Metallics” Gold relief ink from Intaglio Printmaker. It was fun to use and very effective. The black ink is “Schmincke Aqua Linoprint Ivory Black 19 735” 120ml also from Intaglio Printmaker. The paper is Fabriano Unica from Great Art. I did this printing on the Albion Press at East London Printmakers.

Here is one of the cards ready for posting. I tried to get the light on it so you could see the gold ink.

New Year 2019

Happy New Year!

I made a woodcut.


This is a greetings card, about 7″x5″.

It is from two woodblocks, one orange and one blue. Here is work in progress at East London Printmakers:

In the background you see the Albion press I used for printing. It is a wonderful cast-iron machine.

As well as the greetings cards I tried an experiment with chine collé on Japanese paper.


And this was an out-take that I liked:


The inks made marvellous patterns on the glass when I was cleaning up:

Perhaps I could entitle that last one “Window into the unknown”?

Happy New Year 2019!


New Year 2018

Here are my greetings for the New Year, sent as cards.

They are woodcuts, two plates. The orange/red colour was printed first. The black colour is the Schminke “Aquadruck” black relief ink diluted with extender kindly lent to me by Connie at East London Printmakers. Her extender was from the Caligo range, and was slightly whitish. It seemed to work better than the Schminke version.

The gold star is punched out of some golden wrapping paper I received last year.

The paper is Fabriano Unica, cut to size on the marvellous electrical guillotine.

Happy New Year!

Tiara in the Garden

Here is a woodcut of my sister’s greyhound, Tiara.

Tiara in the Garden

This is a reduction woodcut. That means I cut the woodblock, and made a number of prints in the yellow colour, then I cut it further, and printed the grey/brown colour.

Printing the first colour


Here is work in progress on the second colour.


These are printed on the Albion press at East London Printmakers:

Albion Press, at East London Printmakers

I mixed the colours.

Here is the finished card:

Gilded Bronze Gerfalcon


Woodcut, after a statue seen in the British Museum “Sicily Culture and Conquest” exhibition, 24 April 2016. He stood about 12 inches high and dates from 1200AD or so.

This woodcut is done in Shminke Prussian blue AquaLino relief ink, on the marvellous Albion press at East London Printmakers. Fabriano Unica Cream paper from Great Art. Woodcut block 16cm by 11cm from Intaglio Printmaker.

Rugby Players


Woodcut is such a great medium. It’s satisfying to cut the wood with the sharp tools. The character of woodcut allows approximation, and fast working. There’s lots that’s not quite right about this image, but I am reluctant to mess around with the blocks. I feel that the woodcut has its own language and I let it be.

Two blocks, postcard size  about 6inches by 4inches, printed with Schminke Aqua Liniprint ink using the ancient Albion Press at East London Printmakers.

After an original photograph in the Guardian newspaper 19 December 2015, by David Davies, under the headline:
“Carter’s precision thwarts Saints’ revenge bid”.

Northampton 9
Racing 92        9

The caption to the photograph reads:
“Racing’s Dan Carter attempts to flick a pass out of the back of his hand before Northampton’s Mike Hayward can drag the New Zealander to the ground”

Woodcut: “Contact”

This is a woodcut, inspired by a huge stone sculpture in the Berlin Tiergarten.

The sculpture was made in limestone  in 1961 by Pierre Szekely (1923-2001), a Hungarian sculptor. It stands about 7 ft tall and has depth, about a foot thick. Wikipedia gives the name of the sculpture as “Contact”. I don’t know if it is still there. I saw in in 2012, in the snow, and it looked like an amulet, or sacred object. The shape is both anthropomorphic, and other-worldly. I like the fact that it has feet. I find the shape is satisfying. If I had an amulet, it would be shaped like that.


Woodcut with prussian blue Schminke Aqua Linoprinting ink. Size of woodcut, 2 inches by 3 inches, approx. Done yesterday at East London Printmakers.