St Edwards Passage Cambridge



A quick sketch on a cold day. 45 minutes, standing outside the “Indigo Coffee House”. Nearby, bicycles were parked on the fence surrounding the church of St Edward, King and Martyr.

I wanted to catch the bright sunlight in Kings Parade, seen from the relative darkness of St Edwards Passage.

The Charterhouse, Chapel roof

This is my first sketch at The Charterhouse, as a guest of the Preacher, Reverend Robin Isherwood.

The building on the right is the Great Hall, Tudor, around 1600. Beyond it is a Barbican tower, 1970s.
The small dome is the roof of the Chapel of The Charterhouse, 17th Century, by Francis Carter. According to Pevsner*, Francis Carter had “previously worked at Trinity College Cambridge, and from 1614 was chief clerk of the King’s Works under Inigo Jones.”

*The Buildings of England, LONDON 4: NORTH, Bridget Cherry and Nicolas Pevsner, page 619

Collage Postcards: archive

Here are some of the collage postcards I have made.

The constraints I set myself are:

  • the postcard must go in the post by itself: no envelope
  • it is made of found objects in the location where I make it
  • it tells a story or makes a comment on the location

If possible I also make it interactive: it has moving parts, or a part that must be removed by the recipient.

This work is inspired by the work of Martin Hicklin.