Two City Sketches

The view from an office window, Tower 42 on the left. This was sketched from indoors, nice and warm. The challenge was to avoid getting watercolour spots on their pristine office furniture.

The view “above Great St Helen’s”, shows what you see if you look up towards the North from the Aviva building in Undershaft, near the Gherkin. The cupola is above St Helen’s Place, 62-69 Bishopsgate. This sketch done standing up, in the cold. Coloured later.

The Charterhouse EC1 – Over the boundary

Two sketches, both from Preacher’s Court, The Charterhouse. One shows the view looking South West, past the new accommodation block. The other looks North East towards the John Vane Science Centre of Queen Mary, University of London campus.

View South West, beyond the Admiral Ashmore building

The new accommodation block in Charterhouse was built in 2000, designed by Michael Hopkins and partners, architects also of Portcullis House. It is called “The Admiral Ashmore Building”.

View North-East, with the John Vane Science block in the background

The John Vane Science Centre houses, amongst other things, the London Genome Centre.

In the Charterhouse, the leaves show Autumn colours, untroubled by wind, in the enclosed courtyard. It was still very cold. I sketched there from 09:30 to 12:30.

Three Etchings

Three etchings made today at a course at East London Printmakers.
The ones of the men and the landscape are made with “soft ground”. The ‘Bread and wine’ was a line drawing etched using hard ground, and then the patterns went on in soft ground in two later dips.
Leader of the course: Ann Norfield

Urban discussion

On 23rd Nov I added more soft ground into the top windows.