The Charterhouse, Chapel roof

This is my first sketch at The Charterhouse, as a guest of the Preacher, Reverend Robin Isherwood.

The building on the right is the Great Hall, Tudor, around 1600. Beyond it is a Barbican tower, 1970s.
The small dome is the roof of the Chapel of The Charterhouse, 17th Century, by Francis Carter. According to Pevsner*, Francis Carter had “previously worked at Trinity College Cambridge, and from 1614 was chief clerk of the King’s Works under Inigo Jones.”

*The Buildings of England, LONDON 4: NORTH, Bridget Cherry and Nicolas Pevsner, page 619

Collage Postcards: archive

Here are some of the collage postcards I have made.

The constraints I set myself are:

  • the postcard must go in the post by itself: no envelope
  • it is made of found objects in the location where I make it
  • it tells a story or makes a comment on the location

If possible I also make it interactive: it has moving parts, or a part that must be removed by the recipient.

This work is inspired by the work of Martin Hicklin.