“Catering Meats Smithfield”

Here is a section of West Smithfield, at the North West corner. Work is in progress to redevelop these buildings. You can see the scaffolding on the right. This is the General Market. I was standing outside the “Citigen CHP”. This is the unlikely location of a power station. “The large scale community energy system … Continue reading ““Catering Meats Smithfield””

Alexandra Road Estate, Camden

I cycled to the North West of Regent’s Park, in search of the Alexandra Road Estate. This estate is a truly astonishing work, testament to the vision and social ideals of the Camden councillors and architects who made it happen. I cycled past the large and stately houses of Queens Grove, Marlborough Road, Loudoun Road, … Continue reading “Alexandra Road Estate, Camden”

Smithfield, North side

Today, approval was given for the redevelopment of the Smithfield site to turn it into the new Museum of London. Whereas some of the architecture will remain on view, the activities of the meat market will cease. So I went out in recent days to try to show some of the activity in the meat … Continue reading “Smithfield, North side”

Making Sketchbook No. 8

The sketch of Smithfield Grand Avenue was on the last page of Sketchbook No. 7. I decided to make Sketchbook No. 8. I have been gifted some old music scores, hardback, which, by a happy coincidence, are exactly the same size as Sketchbook No. 7. And I have watercolour paper in sheets. So I looked … Continue reading “Making Sketchbook No. 8”

Grand Avenue Smithfield EC1

Here is the entrance to Grand Avenue, Smithfield. It’s the entrance to the working meat market, sketched in the afternoon when there is little market activity. The trading takes place 2am to 7am. See the wonderful life-like dragons either side of the entrance high up! Here is work in progress: I was struck by the … Continue reading “Grand Avenue Smithfield EC1”

Online Life drawing – Andrea

Yesterday I participated in another online life drawing session with London Drawing. The model was Andrea: @andrea.morani_lifemodel on Instagram. Andrea was in his studio in Italy. The 200 or so people drawing him were distributed across the world.


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