My exhibition, Feb 2019: Towers Project

In February 2019 I had a solo exhibition in the Barbican Library Foyer. Here is the information about it. If you are interested in buying a picture, please contact me.

The aim of the exhibition was to show the character and history of the tower blocks visible from where I live. My window looks North over Finsbury, Islington and Camden. I can see 25 blocks, from the 1960s to the 21st century. There were pictures of the Barbican Towers and other towers in The City, including church towers, office blocks and residential towers.

Here is the map that formed part of the exhibition, showing the towers.

Here are some pictures showing the exhibition:

There are two galleries below, showing samples of the work on display. The first shows pen and wash watercolours, done on location. The second shows etchings and prints.

All work is for sale. The pen and wash are available as framed and unframed digital prints. The originals are in sketch books which are not for sale.

Original etchings are for sale, both as pictures and as greeting cards. I have some left after the exhibition. Please ask.

Here are the images which are in the framed pictures. All these pictures are my copyright and were scanned from my sketchbooks, by the art-scanning firm “Point101”, at extraordinary resolution (600dpi to 1200dpi). They can be printed as large pictures or posters. If you would like a high-resolution image, without the “copyright” notice on it, then please contact me. The pictures below in this gallery are lower resolution, and have “copyright” stamps on them. Please contact me to request a print, postcards or a framed picture. I also have some pictures which are framed already, and can be collected immediately. Please see this page: Framed Pictures.

Click an image to see it larger, then click the cross in the top right to return to this page. You can see a really big image by clicking the image, then looking for the “Fullsize” button in the square of information which appears under the “comment” symbol at the bottom right. The images are numbered “Point101_x”.

Here are some of the prints that were in the exhibition. These are made by hand from etched and drypoint plates.

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