Here are sketchbooks I have used and am using. Click the picture for more information and my subjective views.

Traveler’s Company B5 Watercolor Sketchbook

I bought this sketchbook from the Exchange Art Gallery in Penzance. It has a spiral binding but a “notebook” feel to it. The paper is smoother than “cold-press” but has a satisfactory tooth to it, a bit like cartridge paper. This is the one with “watercolor paper”. They do “notebooks” too, with thinner paper.

Stillman and Bern Delta Series

  This is a luxury item. It is slightly less than A5, at 5½ by 8¾ inches. The paper is ivory watercolour paper, cold press, thick and stiff and totally opaque. The book opens out flat and has good solid covers. I somehow find the paper a bit boring to use: it has “tooth” rather … Continue reading “Stillman and Bern Delta Series”

Seawhite Artists Journal

This was my first urban sketching sketchbook type. I used this for sketchbooks 1, 2,and 3. The pages are cartridge paper, smooth and strong. The pages and cover have rounded corners, which looks neat. Sometimes it was a bit irritating when scanning a drawing that the corner is not square. But in general I like … Continue reading “Seawhite Artists Journal”

Vintage Paper Co small watercolour sketchbook

This was an impulse purchase from The Vintage Paper Company. It’s a small, beautifully bound sketchbook, with real watercolour paper. It is a little less than 6 inches by 4 inches inside. The paper is Saunders Waterford, watermarked on some pages and deckle edged. This is relatively absorbent paper. As you see from the above … Continue reading “Vintage Paper Co small watercolour sketchbook”

Jackson’s watercolour sketchbook 17x24cm

This is my current urban sketching sketchbook. I used this type of sketchbook for sketchbook numbers 4 and 5. It is 9½ inches by 6½ inches and about an inch thick. Inside is proper watercolour paper, a very slightly off-white. It has a texture, but not much: “cold pressed”. Also it is not very absorbent, … Continue reading “Jackson’s watercolour sketchbook 17x24cm”