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Watercolour Box update – 16th April 2021

I refreshed the colours in my palette. This watercolour palette is by David Cooper of Classic Paintboxes: see my article about this box. Here is the updated colour list. I moved the Fired Gold Ochre to a bigger space. There are three new joiners, and three colours are moved out. The three that moved out … Continue reading “Watercolour Box update – 16th April 2021”

Watercolour Box 3 – June 17th 2019

This is my bespoke small watercolour paintbox made by David Cooper of Classic Paint Boxes. It has 12 Daniel Smith colours which were a birthday present. The picture shows the first pouring, while the paints are just poured and still wet. The paintbox has a clip so I can fix it to my sketchbook, and … Continue reading “Watercolour Box 3 – June 17th 2019”

Watercolour Box 2 – May 2019 update

30th May 2019: I wanted to include some wetting agent in the paintbox. So I removed the white full pan, replaced it by a blue full pan, and put the wetting agent in. Here’s Watercolour Box 2: Jackson’s Cobalt Blue 245, full pan Rembrandt Vandyke Brown 403, half pan Jackson Prussian Blue 261, full pan … Continue reading “Watercolour Box 2 – May 2019 update”

Watercolour Box 1 – May 2019 update

After a lot of use in Crete I topped up the Indian yellow from a tube, and replaced the Prussian blue with another pan I had. The Raw Sienna had been a hard colour to use, it doesn’t dissolve. So I removed it, and used the space for a random colour: Mauve , Rembrandt colour number … Continue reading “Watercolour Box 1 – May 2019 update”

Watercolour Box 2 – April 2019

Update on paintbox number 2.

Watercolour sticks – July 2018

Winsor and Newton waxy watercolour sticks in old cigarette box

Watercolour Box 2 – July 2018

Rembrandt half pans and Jacksons full pans, for Urban Sketching

Watercolour Box 1 – December 2017

Rembrandt half pans for urban sketching and monochrome sketches



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