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My name is Jane Northcote. I draw pictures in London, and elsewhere.

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Version 3

Sketching expedition. photo credit: John Ramsey

6 thoughts on “Contact me”

  1. Hi Jane, you were in Shetland this summer and did a sketch of the Lera Voe phone box and very kindly left me some cards, I would like you to do me some Christmas cards, perhaps with some snow, stars whatever. About a hundred, would that be possible? Henry.

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  2. Hi. I love your work. I did some prints using chine colle paper some years ago, but now can’t find anyone who sells the paper. I live in the uk. The paper I used last time was given to me. Any ideas? Thanks. Annie

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    1. Hello Annie and thank you for your kind comment on my work.
      Regarding chine collé paper: I take it you are referring to the thin paper, often coloured, which goes on top of the printing paper for the chine collé technique? See this page of my website for a description of the technique I use.

      I buy chine collé paper from the following suppliers:

      – Intaglio Printmaker: in Southwark. They are the source of all things printmaking. You can buy online. I have a pack of assorted thin coloured tissue paper from them, which I use for chine collé. It is called “Coloured Unryu Tissue Sample Pack”. They also have “Gampi Tissue” which is specifically for chine collé.

      – Great Art in the Kingsland Road, London – a huge art supermarket. They do an online service as well. Many of my chine collé prints are made using sheets from their “Feiserseide” 25gsm assorted pack. I’ve also successfully used their paper called “Pulsar Mulberry paper” product reference 11467. It comes in many colours. I like “sand” or “orange”. I have also used their chinese and japanese papers – beige and off-white, for chine collé.

      – Atlantis – another huge store with an online offering: search for “Atlantis Art”. I have had a lot of success with their “Khadi Lokta coloured” paper. I like the “saffron” colour, a natural yellow.

      – also, as you see from my work, I use torn up newspaper – specifically the Financial Times. I have used ordinary tissue paper from a stationery shop (e.g. Rymans). I’ve also used the paper that is sometimes used to wrap oranges, as it is thin, with bright colours, and sometimes interesting patterns on. I have been gifted a pile of old music scores, and I use those sometimes, for example for my work on St Barts the Less:

      I hope that helps? Do let me know how you get on.


  3. Hi Jane
    I purchased a couple of your cards yesterday at the charterhouse , then today looked on your website .
    I really like your work , i love stationery & am always on the lookout for unusual cards .
    I would like to purchase a few of your sketches of the atlas building & will definitely attend your exhibition early next year at the Barbican.
    Kind regards

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    1. Hello Kim – I’m thrilled that you found my website. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, the Charterhouse cards have been very well received, and I hope next year to do some Christmas Cards for them. The Charterhouse is a wonderful place to sketch.

      Please let me know which of the Atlas Buildings etchings you would like to buy. These are original etchings, printed from etched and engraved copper plate. They fold to make A5 greetings cards.They are £5 each + Postage.
      You can see them all on this link. Each one is unique. They are numbered 1-12.

      If you live locally in the City of London we could meet, or I could deliver them to you. Or I can put them in the post. I can take payment via Paypal.
      Perhaps you could email me?


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