Framed pictures for sale

Here are some pictures from my exhibition. These are giclée art prints, professionally printed from my watercolours. The image size is 8 inches by 11 inches, surrounded by a one inch mount. They are framed in walnut, with non-reflective glass. The print reproduction is very high quality, on water-colour paper.
Here’s what the framed picture looks like:

Example framed picture: Finsbury Tower

Here are the pictures which are available now as framed prints. Most of them come with the special maps and information that accompanied them in the exhibition.

Would you like one or more of these? They’ll look much better on your wall than in the box in my storage location. Please contact me for prices and delivery arrangements. They are ready now to collect or send.

In addition, any and all of my pictures can be made available as prints, framed pictures, or high-resolution digital files. The etchings that are on this website are stored in files, and I’d love them to be used and displayed. Please contact me and we can work out how to proceed. If you would like a watercolour drawing that’s not in the gallery above, then I will scan it and make a special-order print for you.

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