Braithwaite House from Fortune Park

img 9421

Braithwaite House caught the sun at 3:30pm and I quickly drew it, then finished the drawing as everything got dark. About 1 hour, drawn and coloured on location.

On the path people were walking, often with children from the nearby school. “What is that lady doing?” asked a clear carrying voice. The adult answer was inaudible. “Yes but what is she drawing?” persisted the voice. That child will go far. This time I heard the adult answer, “I don’t know”.

Braithwaite House is on Bunhill Row, originally council flats built around 1963, now many are privately owned and advertised on Rightmove etc.

The tree on the left was crudely cut earlier this year. It’s good to see that twigs are growing from the amputated ends of the branches.

“Fortune Street and this small park are named after the Fortune Theatre, which was built for Edward Alleyn and Philip Henslowe in 1600 on Golden Lane, off which Fortune Street runs. The area was bombed during WWII and the site was laid out as Fortune Street Park in the early 1960s. In 2002 refurbishment works were undertaken, which included landscaping, provision of additional seating and re-siting of play equipment”
according to London Gardens Online.

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