St Albans Cathedral

Helen went off to take a conference call, and I drew the Cathedral.


This was a quick sketch, pen and wash, about 40 minutes.

While I drew this, a brass band was practising in the nearby boys’ school. They were playing “Annie Laurie”.

This cathedral is impressively enormous. The Tower is Norman: built 1077 – 1093. The nave is hugely long, but inside it is divided by screens, so you can’t see all the way along, which is what I wanted to do.

2 thoughts on “St Albans Cathedral”

  1. I live a short distance from St Albans and know the cathedral well. It is a huge building and you have done well to draw it all in one sketch. I have just now returned from St Albans but it was pouring with rain. Really love your work. Nathaniel.

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    1. Thank you Nathaniel, it’s good to hear from someone who knows the cathedral. I hesitated about whether to put the trees in, but hey, they were there, and part of the experience. I’m so glad you like the work. It’s really encouraging to know that someone out there gains pleasure from the pictures.
      I love your portraits – and applaud your decision to put them on your website.


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