St Alphege, London Wall

St Alphege (“Ælfheah”) was a Bishop of Winchester, later Archbishop of Canterbury. He was captured by Viking raiders in 1011 and killed by them the following year after refusing to allow himself to be ransomed. Alphege was canonised as a saint in 1078.

The church was built around then, according to Wikipedia:  “The first church was built adjoining the London Wall, with the wall forming its northern side.The churchyard lay to the north of the wall.The earliest mention of this church dates to c. 1108–25, though it is said that it was established before 1068.”

The ruins of the Church have recently been made beautiful, and accessible, by the wonderful new public space around One London Wall Place. Here is is a sketch done from one of the wooden benches close to the church:


You see the marvellous new high walks, which curve in the sky.

Until I started drawing them, I had not realised that the walls of the highwalk vary in height. The highwalk is made of some material which rusts, to give this bright orange colour.

On the right of the picture is the red brick of the old London Wall. The building in the background is Roman House, on Wood Street, a residential block.

The architects of One London Wall are MAKE architects.

About 2 hours, drawn and coloured on location, in Jackson’s watercolour sketchbook.

2 thoughts on “St Alphege, London Wall”

  1. I look forward with great anticipation, to each of your sketches. They truly are magnificent! This one St. Alphege, London Wall is interesting not only because of the newer architecture involved but also because of the background both of St. Alphege and the ruins. Your art is history in the making. Do you ever allow your work to be printed? I ask not because I’d like to sell it but rather so that I can put it on my wall in order to feast my eyes on it every day! Again, thank you for sharing!


    1. That’s a lovely compliment Sue, thank you.
      Yes! Let me know which image you are interested in printing. I can send you a high resolution image via Dropbox for you to print your end, or I can make a print and send it to you. Let me know.
      Several people have used my work to make cards, or asked me for a print which now hangs on their wall. The Charterhouse in London made a series of greeting cards using my sketches. See the about page:

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