New Year 2019

Happy New Year!

I made a woodcut.


This is a greetings card, about 7″x5″.

It is from two woodblocks, one orange and one blue. Here is work in progress at East London Printmakers:

In the background you see the Albion press I used for printing. It is a wonderful cast-iron machine.

As well as the greetings cards I tried an experiment with chine collé on Japanese paper.


And this was an out-take that I liked:


The inks made marvellous patterns on the glass when I was cleaning up:

Perhaps I could entitle that last one “Window into the unknown”?

Happy New Year 2019!


4 thoughts on “New Year 2019”

    1. That’s very kind BlossomRevival22, thank you. The press is a wonderful machine, very tactile, very solid. It has a huge handle that you pull to bring a force to bear on the plate. It’s a physical process, good exercise! I imagine presses like these being used to produce posters: political, theatrical and retail. The press plate is about the right size (roughly A3). I’ve never made any work that big though.
      I wish you a happy new year and hope you find much to delight you in 2019.


    1. Hello GroundImpressions, thank you for your comment.
      Yes, the pictures made by the ink on the glass are astonishing. They were changing before my eyes, like watching universes evolve in a sci-fi film. So I quickly grabbed the phone and took the photos. Then I had to wash the phone….!

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