Penzance small Boat Harbour

I ate a Cornish pasty watching the boats.

IMG_2494 (1)

The tower on the left is St Mary’s Church where I drew a picture earlier. The tower on the right is “The Bell Tower”. According to Trip Adviser, you can rent a holiday flat there.

There were people swimming in the harbour. Some one was getting dressed on steps next to the sheds in the picture. In an inner harbour, in front of Abbey Warehouse, young children dropped into the water from the road, and were recouped by a teenager on a paddle board.

4 thoughts on “Penzance small Boat Harbour”

  1. Oh, lovely – I stayed at the Artist’s Residence last year. Penzance is wonderful and full of artistic inspiration. I’m going back to do some sketching in September and I can’t wait!

    If you haven’t already done so , do check out Sue Levington’s Cornish sketches. All her books are available from The Edge of The World Bookshop, which I thoroughly recommend.


    1. Thank you! I enjoyed Penzance very much, and found all sorts of views to draw. I hope you have a great time in September. The Artist Residence was fun. My lesson: if you want a quiet night’s sleep, choose a room away from the street…..


      1. Definitely! We were there in the heatwave in August – no ventilation other than open windows and the Admiral Benbow right across the street. Memorable!


        1. Exactly! And then skateboards, and then delivery lorries, and at 6am the baby in the room next door woke up!
          I still enjoyed my stay there though. The staff were very friendly. I spent some evening hours in their lounge waiting for the overnight train departure time. I recommend the overnight train, the “Night Riviera”. The cabin is tiny, but I got a good night’s sleep, and arrived in London at 6am Monday morning, having travelled hundreds of miles. Really magical.


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