Industrial scene: exercise in perspective

This started off as a series of rectangles.

I gave it smoke:

The idea was to experiment with layers of watercolour, laid on top of each other.

Industrial buildings in a desert landscape. Why are the people queuing? What is the industry? What disaster has occurred?

I don’t know the answers. It just came out like that.

Experiments with Daniel Smith watercolour paint on Saunders Watercolour paper, St Cuthbert’s Mill.

One thought on “Industrial scene: exercise in perspective”

  1. Good Evening dear friend Jane,
    Very beautiful sketch, amazing color combination.
    And those industries may be small scale ones and being Shut down.
    People are seen in and out, complicate to catch, may be getting warned of Corona Virus 🙂
    Anyway very pleasant sketch.,
    Thanks, regards and blessings,

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