Shetland: vehicles in space

There’s a lot of empty space in Shetland. As I walked around, sometimes I encountered abandoned vehicles. Here is one.

Drawing the car wreck

This was the last of a sequence of such car wrecks on a track. Having passed two, towards the end of a long walk, I encountered this one, the third, and thought I would take a rest and draw it. The car number was even on there.

Here’s “Chieftain”: a huge and solid vehicle. He is out in the wild, perhaps not “abandoned”, but he is evidently not in daily use, which is a pity, since he looks very useful.

I tried very hard to describe the heaviness and strength of Chieftain. He is also very large. I should have put a few birds in too, for scale.

2 thoughts on “Shetland: vehicles in space”

  1. Thank you Billy! I enjoyed these objects too. They are in the landscape, and visibly deteriorating, becoming eventually part of the landscape.
    I was inspired the drawings of Nina Johansson, @nina-sketching on instagram. She drew some car wrecks:
    Many thanks for following my work and commenting. Greatly appreciated.


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