Shetland: Burrastow beach and pier

This is the pier at Burrastow.

On the other side, there is a pebbly beach.

This is the North Atlantic, latitude 60 degrees N. The temperature of the water is 11 degrees C. Very refreshing! There is a lot of sun between the rain.

Here is another sketch of the pier, this time watercolour only, no pen. It is evening.

Burrastow Pier, evening.

Latitudes: Burrastow is 60 degrees North. The Arctic Circle is 66 degrees North. London is 51 degrees North. The Equator is zero degrees, and the North Pole is 90 degrees.

3 thoughts on “Shetland: Burrastow beach and pier”

      1. Dawn & I are both well. Re rented our Islington flat out when we did our 8 month Asia trip 2018-19 and decided to try living outside London when we came back, planed to move back next year. Have been in central Birmingham for the past 6months, though with lockdown was not the experience of the city we hoped for.

        Need your inspiration to get out and be more creative so looking forward to your posts. Keep safe & well.

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