City Buildings from Seething Lane Gardens EC3

In my previous post, I looked South from Seething Lane Gardens. I was sitting with my back to a strange cubical building. Yesterday I went back to Seething Lane Gardens and looked North towards the City.

City Buildings and St Olave Hart Street, from Seething Lane Gardens. 7″ x 10″ in Sketchbook 9.
29 March 2021

On the right of my drawing is a part of the cubical building mentioned in my previous post.

The spire with the weathervane is St Olave Hart Street, which was Pepys’ church. It is just visible in between the more modern buildings.

Above the spire of St Olave Hart Street is the very tall building 122 Bishopsgate. The point to the right of that is “The Scalpel” which is on Leadenhall.

You see dashes of red through the hedge on the left of the drawing. That is because the gas mains are being replaced on Seething Lane, and red barriers surround the site. As I walked back home I stopped to admire the ancient metal pipes which have been excavated from the site.

Modern gas main. The gate to St Olave Hart Street is in the background.

A man coming the other way was looking at the pipes too. He spoke from a mouth that had no teeth, and he carried a crushed paper cup. “They look like art,” he said. “How old do you think they are?” I said that I thought they looked Victorian.

“Over a hundred years old, ” I suggested.

“They look like they would last another hundred years,” observed the man. It was true, the metal was nearly an inch thick. Where the pipe had been cut the metal gleamed as though freshly cast.

A little further on I passed the modern version.

Here is work in progress on the drawing and a photo of the bust of Pepys which is in the garden.

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