Bristol – view from Nova Scotia Place BS1

Wandering in a warm Bristol evening I rounded the harbour and found myself in Nova Scotia Place. This is a secluded domain, enclosed by water, and main roads. There is a pub, the Nova Scotia Hotel. People occupied the outdoor tables, with pints and conversation. I walked onto the small promontory and looked at the little cottages opposite.

Sketching at Nova Scotia Place, 22nd March 2022, 6pm

The warm evening became rather cooler. I packed up when I’d done the pen sketch. The bench that I had been using was a memorial bench:

In memory of Alan Helliwell (German) remembered by family, freinds and work colleagues of Underfall Yard who died too early. 7/2/1961 – 03/10/2009 after several near misses.

Later I put on some colour:

“TS Adventure Sea Cadets” cottages seen from Nova Scotia Place

3 thoughts on “Bristol – view from Nova Scotia Place BS1”

    1. Hello Billy – Great question – and there is a reason. Whereas I use always the largest bulldog clips, the “50mm” size, I find that they are not all equal in how many pages they can “bite”. Some bulldog clips, usually older ones, can clip round my thick sketchbooks with ease. Others cannot open wide enough. The difference in the width of the gape is a matter of millimetres. So I put dots on the ones which are capable of gripping the sketchbooks.
      The dots have another use. I sometimes use the dot as the “vanishing point” when I am struggling with perspective. I clip the bulldog clip at the right height, and then my perspective lines aim for the dot. This is not always possible, of course, depending where the vanishing point is. But it’s an option.
      I do wish manufacturer would make bulldog clips rather larger. But search as I might, I cannot find any that are larger in gape than the 50mm ones.
      Many thanks for the question. I hope you are well.

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