Spitalfields E1 from ChristChurch

I joined a sketching friend for a stroll around Spitalfields. We had coffee at the Cafe in the Crypt of Christchurch Spitalfields, and then sat at the tables outside and sketched the view.

Here is my sketch:

Spitalfields Market E1 from ChristChurch, 7″ square in Sketchbook 12. 1st June 2022

Behind the red-bricked buildings of the Market, you can see the office and residential tower blocks along Bishopsgate. “Principal Tower” in the one to the right.

Here are some on-location photos and a picture of the sketchbook.

Thankyou to the talented artist LA for your company and inspiration on this expedition. It’s fun to sketch together!

2 thoughts on “Spitalfields E1 from ChristChurch”

    1. Thank you @penwithlit! The brick red is “Fired Gold Ochre” and the grey is a mix of “Ultramarine Blue” and “Burnt Umber”. The nearby stone is “Buff Titanium” and there’s a bit of “Mars Yellow” in there too, and (amazingly) in the sky. The whole picture is these 5 colours, with some touches of green for details. Less is more in colour choices sometimes….


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