Sketching in Norwich

Norwich describes itself as “A Fine City”. Indeed it is. The city centre streets are clean, car-free, and lined with a huge variety of shops, restaurants, and service providers such as key-cutters and barbers. All very interesting. And there’s a lovely river too.

The City of Norwich website tells me: “On 17 July 1967, London Street became the first shopping street in the UK to be pedestrianised. It started a revolution that saw people given priority over traffic in city centres.”

This building stands in London Street, at the junction with St Andrews Hill. It was designed by FCR Palmer for the National Provincial Bank, and was completed in 1925 [1]. The National Provincial became NatWest after a series of mergers and takeovers. NatWest moved out in 2017.

“Cosy Club” 45-51 London St, Norwich NR2 1AG, 19th June 2022 12:15, in Sketchbook 12

I also sketched Norwich Cathedral, from the Cathedral Close.

Certainly a fine city, and one to which I hope to return.

Note 1: History of the London Street bank building from the Norwich Society website:

3 thoughts on “Sketching in Norwich”

  1. Hello Jane, so pleased you liked Norwich. I agree its a lovely city which we enjoy visiting too. Our daughter Lexi did her MA at UEA and lived in the centrally placed St Benedict’s Street for a year and had a wonderful time. So many interesting eclectic shops and small cafes. We go back whenever we are in Norfolk. Hope you are well. Love the paintings as always. Thank you for sharing 🙂


    1. Thank you Paul. I very much enjoyed the town. We’ve visited the UEA campus on another expedition and appreciated the architecture and the art gallery. Glad you are enjoying the paintings. Hope you are well. All good wishes.


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