Sketching in Crete, May 2023

There was a bit of a delay at Gatwick.

When we arrived in Crete, there were thunderstorms. As the storm clouds cleared, we saw the red streaks where soft earth had been washed into the sea.

I sketched the headlands.

Eventually the sun came out.

Up the hill is the Roman city of Ancient Aptera. Here is Aptera theatre.

It is still in use. A piano was wheeled in, tuned and prepared for use, while I sketched.

Then we feasted in the marvellous Aptera Tavern. Here is the view from the Aptera Tavern towards the other side of the street.

There were lovely sunsets

In my notebook I identified and logged the ships that passed.

Logging the ships

On the day we departed, we visited the Agias Triadas Monastery.

Chania airport is a lively place after the tranquillity of the monastery.

The drawings were done in my notebooks and sketchbook and also as postcards sent to people.

  • the postcards were on Fabriano Artistico 300gsm cold-press watercolour paper
  • my sketchbook for this voyage was from the Vintage Paper Company, A5, containing cartridge paper
  • the ship log is in a “Grids and Guides” notebook from Princeton Architectural Press.

All colours are Daniel Smith watercolours. I use a fountain pen with De Atramentis Permanent Black ink.

7 thoughts on “Sketching in Crete, May 2023”

    1. Thank you! Yes – sketching is my way to make sure I calm down, look, and enjoy the view. Also it helps me maintain my good humour in crowded transport hubs….! Many thanks for your comment. I hope you are well.

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    1. Yes – me too. It takes me a while to get my head in gear for sketching there. After the edges and lines of the London it’s a surprise to encounter the long uncluttered views, and the huge variety of plants. And the intense light….! I hope you’re well.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, thank you. We first went there for our honeymoon 35 years ago and have been around 6 times since. Hania bus station used to be a place of shabby wonder, now cleaned up and made far less fascinating.


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