Jackson’s Watercolour sketchbook 17x24cm

This is Jackson’s Watercolour sketchbook, hardback, 17×24 cm, 6.5×9.5inches.

I used this sketchbook for urban sketchbooks 4 and 5. It works really well.It’s thick: 2.4cm, which means a bulldog clip only just goes round it.

The paper is proper watercolour paper, cold-pressed. It cockles a bit on very wet washes but I found it fine for my use. I use bulldog clips to hold the pages flat and the book open. It opens flat for scanning and for drawing across two pages. It is possible to paint on both sides of the page.

Labels from Jacksons and from inside the book (“Kunst &Papier”) – click to enlarge the image

The number of pages in my book is 62. That’s 124 sides. The label said 48 sheets in one place, and 128 sides in another. Odd.

The cover is black fabric. You can write on it with a white pen, but stickers will not stick to it. There’s no back pocket, no bookmark and no elastic to keep it closed – which is fine by me as I don’t use those accesories.

Here are some more pictures of the book, and using the book on location.

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