PrintUrchin Sketchbooks

Sketchbook with blue linen cover

For a visit to Shetland in summer 2021, I used a sketchbook from Wendy Roberts, who trades as “PrintUrchin”.

Printurchin sketchbooks 1 and 2
  • Paper: Arches Aquarelle NOT 300gsm
  • Size of pages: 10 inches by 7½ inches (25.5cm x 19cm) ( a slightly larger “Octavo” size)
  • Number of signatures: 6
  • Number of sheets per signature: 2
  • Total number of sheets: 6×2=12
  • Number of pages: 22 plus 1 page inside front cover and 1 page inside back cover
  • Number of sides: 44
  • Endpapers: none (Arches paper fastened to covers)
  • Cover: linen

These are good and tough for outdoor use. I used up the first one, number 1, for Shetland views and landscapes. Here is the sketchbook in action:

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