Watercolour Box 2 – July 2018

Rembrandt half pans and Jacksons full pans, for Urban Sketching


This box contains Jackson’s watercolours, full pans, and Rembrandt Watercolours, half pans. This is because I was getting through the half-pans quickly. Jacksons do the full pans, but Rembrandt don’t. I tried to make a mixed box, with the colours I use most. The Naples Yellow Red is a colour I use a lot of, but it isn’t available in the Jacksons range.

471 Jacksons Chinese white – a new colour this month for me, to try

403 Rembrandt Vandyke Brown

261 Jacksons Prussian Blue

224 Rembrandt Naples Yellow Red

512 Rembrandt Cobalt Blue Aquamarine

Windsor and Newton Alizarine Crimson – because I had some in this range, bought on offer a long time ago in a closing down sale at Paintworks on the Kingsland Road

314 Rembrandt Cadmium Red Medium

315 Jacksons Yellow Ochre

244 Rembrandt Cadmium Yellow Light – an amazing bright colour with no tone

121 Jackson Indian Yellow



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