Watercolour Box 2 – July 2018

Rembrandt half pans and Jacksons full pans, for Urban Sketching


This box contains Jackson’s watercolours, full pans, and Rembrandt Watercolours, half pans. This is because I was getting through the half-pans quickly. Jacksons do the full pans, but Rembrandt don’t. I tried to make a mixed box, with the colours I use most. The Naples Yellow Red is a colour I use a lot of, but it isn’t available in the Jacksons range.

471 Jacksons Chinese white – a new colour this month for me, to try

403 Rembrandt Vandyke Brown

261 Jacksons Prussian Blue

224 Rembrandt Naples Yellow Red

512 Rembrandt Cobalt Blue Aquamarine

Update: re-filled with Jackson’s Cobalt Blue 245 from tube, August 2018

Windsor and Newton Alizarine Crimson – because I had some in this range, bought on offer a long time ago in a closing down sale at Paintworks on the Kingsland Road.

Update: re-filled with Jacksons Alizarine Crimson 194 from tube, August 2018

314 Rembrandt Cadmium Red Medium

315 Jacksons Yellow Ochre

244 Rembrandt Cadmium Yellow Light – an amazing bright colour with no tone

121 Jackson Indian Yellow



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