Watercolour Box 1 – May 2019 update

After a lot of use in Crete I topped up the Indian yellow from a tube, and replaced the Prussian blue with another pan I had.

The Raw Sienna had been a hard colour to use, it doesn’t dissolve. So I removed it, and used the space for a random colour: Mauve , Rembrandt colour number 532 (PV19/PB15). I bought a number of random pans when a paint shop on the Kingsland Road closed down a few years ago.

So here’s what Watercolour paintbox 1 looks like now. Fifteen colours:

IMG_2386These are all Rembrandt colours.

244 – Indian Yellow – strong orange-yellow that makes tones, darker and lighter. An earthy colour

227 – Yellow Ochre – a lovely earthy colour, earthy also in texture. I use it a lot.

224 – Naples Yellow Red – a sort of yellow, makes a nice grey with cobalt blue

508 – Prussian Blue – I use it for shadows, also mixed with Alizarin Red and Indian Yellow to make black

701 – Lamp black – used for monochrome sketches

629 – Green Earth – doesn’t dissolve easily, a very hard colour to use, makes a pale green, never very intense

416 – Sepia – used for monochrome sketches

485 – Indanthrene Blue – a good reliable solid blue, for sea, but not for British skies

532 – Mauve –  pigments PV19 and PB15 – yet to be tried out

377 – Cadmium Red Medium – pillar box red, good for road signs. A very strong colour. Only minute parts are needed for mixing colours. Refilled from tube. This now is called “Permanent Red medium” pigment PR254

326 – Alizarin Red – I use it with Prussian blue and Indian Yellow to make black.

511 Cobalt Blue  – Refilled from tube 511 Cobalt blue, pigment PB28 – this is different from the previous blue which was Cobalt blue Ultramarine 512 PB29 and PW4. I picked up the other tube by mistake.

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