Wyvern Sketchbooks

The Wyvern Bindery made some sketchbooks for me.

Wyvern Sketchbooks
  • Paper: Arches Aquarelle NOT 300gsm from JP Purcell
  • Size of pages: 10 inches by 7 inches (25.5cm x 17cm) “Octavo” size
  • Number of signatures: 2 books have 7 signatures and 2 books have 8 signatures
  • Number of sheets per signature: 2
  • Total number of sheets: 2×7=14, or 2×8=16
  • Number of pages: 28 or 32
  • Number of sides: 56 or 64
  • Number of Arches Large Sheets used: 20 (This made the 4 books). Large sheet is 56cm x 76cm (Long grain).
  • Endpapers: White
  • Cover: special tough buckram/linen

These are good tough sketchbooks. They are the right thickness so the bulldog clips go on easily. The paper does not cockle. The deckle edge is visible. And they have my bird on the front!

The first of these is Urban Sketchbook 9. Here it is in use:

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