Looking North up Whitecross Street to Coltash Court

img 9462

Coltash Court is the residential tower block in the centre of the picture. It’s 152 Whitecross Street, at the junction of Whitecross Street with Old Street. I can’t see when it was built – looks like 1960s. It’s labelled “Homes for Islington”, with Islington Council branding as well. A one-bedroom flat in there is advertised for £415K, “fully furnished”.

I drew and coloured this standing up at the junction with Errol Street, outside Waitrose. 9:30 to 10:30, so about an hour. I used the convenient tables in the covered section outside Waitrose to put my painting things. But I couldn’t draw from there as I couldn’t see up the street.

2 thoughts on “Looking North up Whitecross Street to Coltash Court”

    1. Thank you for your encouragement Laurent! Drawing is a way to show I care. I care about the built environment and the people who live there.
      It is remarkable how people come and talk to me while I draw. While drawing this one, a man in a hi-vis jacket came out of Waitrose with his lunch in paper bag. He looked over my shoulder, looked up the street, looked back at the drawing and grunted his approval. We both grinned.
      Often children come and look. They don’t often see adults drawing, is my guess.


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