St Alphege, Barbie Green and London Wall Place

On the way back from the Post Office, I paused to draw the view under the new Highwalk of London Wall Place. There is a new café called “Barbie Green”.


I drew this by the water pond and the plants. sheltered by the highwalk. Other people were there too, mostly smokers. Except that people don’t smoke anymore, but wander around leaving trails of mist with strange synthetic smells, nearly but not quite vanilla.

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 17.05.28
Location of London Wall Place shown in yellow. View of drawing in red.

I have sketched in this area before. Here’s a similar view, drawn last year in the summer, just after the highwalk was constructed:

St Alphege

The drawing above is from this post:
St Alphege, London Wall

4 thoughts on “St Alphege, Barbie Green and London Wall Place”

    1. Thank you cybaea! I’m so glad you enjoy the posts. This whole area has been transformed, and provided many new nooks and seats. I really like the way the old St Alphege church has been given space. But it’s a missed opportunity that the new “water feature”, which is a long and thin pool, was not configured as a public swimming place. Wouldn’t that have been fun? A good place to do lengths. The new Barbie Green café looks like an enhancement to the area. I’ve not been in yet, but I will go try it out soon. You must have a great view from your work-place?


      1. Get to Barbie Green this week, if you can, while they still have their 30% launch discount. They are very good indeed, but pricey.

        Our offices are on the second floor: great for fire drills but not so much for the view. 😊

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        1. Thanks for the tip cybaea! I’ll get there. If you glance out of your window and spot a person sat on a bench sketching – it might be me! Come say hello.


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