TwentyTwo Bishopsgate above the Royal Exchange

The huge new construction which is “TwentyTwo Bishopsgate” towers above the Royal Exchange. Since it was Sunday, it was possible to appreciate the vista without being trampled underfoot by financiers or overcome with traffic fumes. I took advantage of these benign conditions to do a quick sketch.

TwentyTwo Bishopsgate, and the Leadenhall Building, above the Royal Exchange.

This was a very quick sketch, about half an hour. I was not trampled underfoot. I was standing on the pavement, in a sort of an alcove, just outside Mansion House. There was still quite a bit of hustle and bustle. That’s Mansion House the building, not Mansion House the Underground station, in case you were confused. Here’s a map, the red line shows the direction I was looking.

Map showing where I was: Bank Station, outside the Mansion House.

In the drawing you can just see, rather scribbly in the foreground, the statue of the Duke of Wellington on Horseback, and to the right of him, a Christmas Tree. The Gherkin, 30 St Mary’s Axe, is just visible between the buildings.

I’ve drawn TwentyTwo Bishopsgate a few times, as it is conspicuous on the City skyline now.

This drawing is in just three colours: Mars Yellow, Prussian Blue, and Perylene Maroon.

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