A story book

I made a story book for a young friend. It describes an evening we spent together back in December. Here are some of the illustrations:

I made the illustrations by cutting shapes out of the coloured parts of magazines. Magazine pages are suitably strong and luxuriously glossy. Sometimes the pictures have textures which are helpful to the theme. The figures are about an inch high or less. It was very fiddly.

I decided to give the book a hard cover. Out there in the wild, it would need some protection. I’d not done a hard cover binding before. I examined several hardback books and had a go. Here are some pictures of the construction process:

It worked well! It remains to be seen how it fares. It’s out there now, being read and enjoyed by one of the characters in the story.

4 thoughts on “A story book”

    1. I’m so glad it gave you pleasure! Thank you for commenting.
      The reader of this story book is only about half way through his first decade of life, and although he is respectful of books, he has not yet acquired the dexterity of a museum curator in handling fine art. So I judged that a hard cover was a good idea, and that internal ruggedising was necessary. So far, so good. He could read it all the way through, which is an achievement for us both, and the book is still robustly intact.

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    1. Thank you cybaea! It was fun to do. I was amazed at how those little cut-out people seemed to be so expressive. And making the book hardback was a whole education.


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