Turks Head Café Wapping

Here is the marvellous Turks Head Café, Wapping, rescued from demolition by local residents in the 1980s.

The Turks Head Cafe, in front of St John’s Tower

Inside, I found warmth, quiet tables, and the gentle murmur of conversations: people actually talking to each other. I felt welcome here. The food was marvellous. Next time I’m going to have the Blueberry Tart. I only noticed it after I’d already had the substantial Chicken and Avocado Sandwich.

Inside the Turks Head Café

I went to pay my bill. When I returned to my table, there was a little group of people admiring the sketch (above). I chatted to a man called Mark, who, it turns out, runs the website “lovewapping.org“. We exchanged anecdotes about the representation or otherwise of residents’ views on local councils. His group grapples with Tower Hamlets Council.

Then I went outside to draw the café.

The tower in the background is St Johns Tower. The tower is “all that remains of the parish church of St Johns circa 1756 … the surrounding ground was rebuilt as flats in the 1990s to an attractive design reflecting the previous building on the site” says the Knight Frank website (an estate agent).

This drawing took 1hour 15 mins, done from the pavement by a huge brick wall. The colours are Perinone Orange, Phthalo Turquoise, Mars Yellow and Hansa Yellow Mid. As you see, the front of the cafe faces West, and caught the setting sun.

Here is the wall next to where I was standing.

London Bricks in Wapping.

5 thoughts on “Turks Head Café Wapping”

  1. I am reading and enjoying your words and your art from Canada. Checking out the local real estate and history—fantasizing about moving to England, as do many Canadian anglophiles whose British grandparents came to Canada. Yes, Jane, your work is enjoyed. Sarah in Ottawa


    1. Good evening Sarah and thank you for your lovely comment 🙏🏻 . I’m so glad that the posts are read and give pleasure. My local explorations and “on location” drawings are on hold for the time being, as London is in lockdown. I shall resume as soon as I am allowed to stroll about again, and I will start transmitting more local views and stories for your enjoyment. Do you know what part of the UK your grandparents came from?
      Greetings to you in Ottawa! Thanks again for writing.


  2. Good evening friend Jane,
    I love that ‘Inside the Turks Head Café’ and Green bank wapping a very appreciative color composing.
    I am very happy to read that this Turks Head Café was rescued from demolition by local residents in the 1980s.



    1. Thank you Paul! The Turks Head Café is certainly worth a diversion if you are in the area. It’s just to the East of St Katherine’s Dock and Tower Bridge. In my drawing, the very distant slot of sun, between the buildings , is the Thames. Thank you for commenting – it’s encouraging for me to know that my articles are read and enjoyed.

      Liked by 1 person

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