Phoenix Picture House, Oxford

Here is a view looking south down Walton Street, from The Jericho Café, Oxford.

Phoenix Picture house, from The Jericho Café

It was raining outside. People peered in through the windows. One person actually came inside the café to look at my picture. Or maybe it was to escape temporarily from the rain. They looked at the picture, in any case, and made cheerful and encouraging comments. Then they went out in the rain again.

The Phoenix Picture house is a cinema. On the left is The Jericho Tavern, a pub and music venue.

Here is work in progress on the picture, and a map. As you see, Jericho is on the fringes of the map. The Jericho Cafe is at the junction of Observatory Street (off the top of the map) and Walton Street. This map is out of date. The place labelled “Radcliffe Infirmery” (top left) has now been redeveloped as the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter. On this site are the Mathematical Institute (opened in 2013) and the Blavatnik School of Government (opened in 2015). You can walk through the site to the Woodstock Road, past the Radcliffe Observatory which has the signs of the zodiac carved around it, including a realistic large-size crab.

I was also practising drawing people.

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