Barbican Lakeside

A view from the residents’ gardens.

Barbican Lakeside

The building in the background is the Heron Building, luxury flats above the Milton Court Concert Hall, Guildhall School of Music and Dance. This building opened in September 2013. It replaced a public building, which was in the brutalist design of the Barbican and designed by Chamberlain Powell and Bon, It housed a fire station, Coroner’s Court, mortuary, office of weights and measures and a civil defence school, and was connected to the Barbican by a bridge at Podium level. This building was demolished in 2008, in the face of opposition from the Twentieth Century Society amongst others, and was replaced by the steel and glass tower. This new building has no bridge to the Barbican, which is a pity, in my view.

At the extreme right is City Point.

Here is work in progress:

This drawing took ages. I couldn’t get the steps right. After 30 minutes of drawing and rubbing out I restarted at 12:10 and finished 1hour30mins later.

2 thoughts on “Barbican Lakeside”

  1. Your art just keeps getting better and better. I really enjoy these slow studies. I know the area (worked there back in the old days when companies still had offices) and you capture both the look and the atmosphere so very well.

    (I still hope we can all go out soon…. Bet the air in London is much cleaner now?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Cybaea – Thank you! And yes, the air in London is noticeably cleaner. And you can hear birdsong. Rubbish sweepers perfect the pristine cleanliness of the pavements, rather than having to battle the impossible detritus of the working days. Hope you are well.


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