Monoprints: the City (1)

I have long admired the work of Fiona Fouhy. Fiona makes monoprints of forests and landscapes, with amazing depth and atmospheric effects. My idea was to try to get those effects in urban landscapes. So when East London Printmakers announced that Fiona would be running a workshop, I signed up immediately. That was in January 2020. The course was in February and was of course postponed. It took place in August. Here is some of my work from that day.

Here is the city.

The City (1), Monoprint

Here’s another attempt. This time I made sloping roofs. I quite like the “snow” effect, representing a view through a dirty window, or pollution in the atmosphere.

The City (2), Monoprint

Here are two prints on newsprint, made as part of the process.

As you see, every print is different, but they are related.

Apart from the out-takes on newsprint, these are all monoprints on Fabriano printing paper, 20x24cm. All are for sale.

3 thoughts on “Monoprints: the City (1)”

  1. These are fantastic! I was especially taken with the two you labeled as “out-takes” – I really liked the pop of green in The City (3) and (4) is so futuristic. Really cool!


    1. Hello Marcy and thank you for your encouraging comments. I was really happy with how they all came out. The “out-takes” are prints made on newsprint to tone down the ink colour by removing ink. The bits of green came from a different experiment. I thought they made interesting pictures together. I’m so glad you agree! Thank you for getting in touch.
      Unless there’s another lockdown, I’ll be going to the print studio again this week to have another go.

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