Monoprints, the City (2)

I made some more monoprints this week at East London Printmakers.

These were made using the technique demonstrated by Fiona Fouhy, which I learned on a course in September. See this post.

Here are city views.

These are made by a “reduction process”. Each is a unique print (for sale!).

Here are some snapshots from the process.

Here are some “outtakes”: prints produced during the process. All are on cotton rag paper except one which is on newsprint.

4 thoughts on “Monoprints, the City (2)”

    1. Hello Debbie – thank you! I’m so glad you found the post interesting. I love this process. It is somehow liberating that you don’t really have a lot of control of the image, and but that you can gradually change and shift it. Also, compared to etching, it’s really quick!
      I hope you enjoy the process. Thanks for your comment.


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