Basterfield House, Golden Lane Estate

Yesterday I drew Basterfield House, sitting on some steps in the shadow of Great Arthur House.

Basterfield House is at the North of the Golden Lane Estate. Here is a map. Great Arthur House was over my right shoulder, and cast its huge shadow in the afternoon sun.

Sketch map showing the view shown in the drawing.

Behind the tree, the low-rise block is Stanley Cohen House. In the background of the drawing is the Atlas Building, just to the left of the tree. On the right of the tree is the architect’s practice at 88 Golden Lane.

Godfrey House and the Atlas Building

On the right is Godfrey House, Bath Street, Islington, part of the St Luke’s Estate managed by the London Borough of Islington. It’s former “council housing” built in 1965. Today many of the flats are privately owned, as is evident from the number listed for sale. On the left is the Atlas Building, on City…

88 Golden Lane

Today was a glorious sunny day. I walked out into the sun and everywhere was worthy of a sketch. Here is 88 Golden Lane, a strange thin building. It is an architects’ practice: Blair Architecture. I sketched this standing on the side of the road in the sun, then retreated to sit on my case…

This drawing is 25cm by 16cm, 10 inches by 6½ inches on Arches 300gsm watercolour paper. It took 1½ hours. I did a preliminary sketch first, shown in the work-in-progress photos below. The colours are Fired Gold Ochre, Phthalo Turquoise, Transparent Pyrrol Orange, and Mars Yellow, watercolours over De Atramentis document black ink.

I have drawn the Golden Lane Estate before. Here is a selection of drawings in this area:

6 thoughts on “Basterfield House, Golden Lane Estate”

  1. I lived at 1 Basterfield House in 1960. The far end and bottom of your lovely painting.

    The sports centre wasn’t there but the small building between Bayer and Bowater was the community centre. It had a stage and a billiard table. There was also a small pond.

    Very modern at the time.

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    1. Hello Pat and thank you for your comment. How interesting that you lived at number 1. So the numbers start at the right hand side of the building? The building between Bauer and Bowater is still the community centre. The pond is still there also, on the South Side of Bayer. I’m going to try some drawings round there. A resident tells me Great Arthur House is reflected in the pond.


  2. Thank you Billy!
    A pale sort of a hat, yes. I was sitting on the steps at the North end of Great Arthur House. Did you spot me?
    It was lovely sitting there. Several passers-by stopped to say hello and see what I was doing. I received much advice and encouragement from school children. It must have been going-home time.
    One little girl’s father waited patiently while she engaged me in lengthy dialogue. She asked about my palette, required that I name all the colours, and finally compared my picture to the view in front of us and wanted to know if I was an artist. I said that I was. She nodded her understanding and told me my picture was “good work”. I was pleased at this considered feedback from so young a critic. I hope her father wasn’t in too much of a hurry.


      1. Ah yes. The girl could certainly have been from Prior Weston. She spoke with great confidence and authority on colour choice and subject matter.
        I read your blog post with interest. The process of creating the art is as important as the art, certainly it is for me. I enjoyed your emphasis in your post on “the industry behind the artistry, the hard work, the concentration”. You evidently speak also from experience, as your own work is exacting – especially the embroidery.


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