Cosser Street, SE1 – South West

Here is a building in Cosser St, near Lambeth North tube station.

Cosser Street SE1 – South West view. 12 inches by 9 inches [SOLD]

This is the first of three drawings in the area, for a commission. Someone who had enjoyed living here was going to be moving to the country, and asked me make some pictures for them, to remember the locality.

Ambulances park in this area. The street is not so empty as I have drawn it. Fortunately, they do not always park in the same place, so I could draw the front of the building a bit at a time. You can see the ambulances in the work-in-progress drawings below.

It was very cold, and there was an autumn wind.

The colours in this picture are: Phthalo Turquoise (W&N), Perylene Maroon (DS), Fired Gold Ochre (DS), Mars Yellow (DS), and Green Gold (DS).

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