Plumage House, N1

Here is Plumage House, 106 Shepherdess Walk, London N1.

Plumage House, 7″ x 10″

This was a feather factory. According to Spitalfields Life this operated until 1994. The building is now rather shabby, though in a dignified way.

I wonder what will happen to it?

In the drawing, the main colours are Fired Gold Ochre, Buff Titanium, Phthalo Turquoise, and Perylene Maroon, with Mars Yellow and Green Apatite Genuine for the green.

Shepherdess Walk (the main street North-South) and the location of Plumage House.

3 thoughts on “Plumage House, N1”

  1. Have walked past this building many times, always amused me that the name of the building reflected it’s use in that way. Last time I passed by (2018) although shabby it looked like it was still in use as some type of storage space (may be even still for feathers?)


    1. Thanks for the comment! This proud building is gradually deteriorating. At some point it evidently had a “cladding” layer of fake bricks put on the outside, and this has been removed or fallen off in patches. I wonder what it’s like inside – especially inside that turret!


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