Roof of the “Museum of the Home”, Geffrye Street, E2

On Geffrye Street near Hoxton Overground station, is the marvellous bakery “Fabrique”. My feet somehow took me there on a sunny day, after I had done my errands in the nearby area. Well, perhaps my errands were not quite nearby. But those cinnamon buns exude an aroma detectable at a considerable distance, like pheromones. So there I was sitting at a table on a sunny pavement and looking for something to sketch. Here’s what I saw.

Roof of the “Museum of the Home” 136 Kingsland Road
London E2 8EA, 3rd February 2023, around noon, in Sketchbook 12

The “Museum of the Home” used to be called the “Geffrye Museum”.

Here is work in progress on the drawing:

Here are the raspberry buns at Fabrique, and a map so you can find them:

5 thoughts on “Roof of the “Museum of the Home”, Geffrye Street, E2”

    1. Yes – I like roofs too! I like the fact that sometimes there’s a total landscape up there: TV aerials, Satellite dishes and chimneys. Also the marvellous patterns and slopes. See this one for instance:
      “Buildings in Errol Street”

      And something more modern:
      “Ben Jonson House”

      Many thanks for the comment. So glad you are keeping up your journal: a companion everywhere.

      Liked by 1 person

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