From Provlita, waiting for the bill

We finished our meal and looked for the waiter. He was otherwise occupied in a series of activities which didn’t involve us. I started doing a drawing. IMG_0083

15 minutes later we had paid, and the drawing was done.

It was a good meal though. In Crete, one must slow down and enjoy the view.


Exercises – quick sketches

Here are some very quick pencil sketches.

It’s a challenge to try to make a drawing in 45 seconds – but somehow liberating. The artist has to loosen up and concentrate, both at the same time. As does the Model.

Agias Triada

17th century monastery on the Akrotiri Peninsula, western Crete. A working monastery, with 5 monks, and adjacent vineyards and olive groves. A beautiful and sacred place.

Pen and ink. The tone is diluted ink, and was tricky to put on, as it dried quickly in the heat, and can’t be lifted as watercolour can. It’s “De Atramentis document ink” which is formulated for signing legal documents. Once on, it can’t be removed. This is good for pen and wash, because the dilute watercolour does not lift the ink.


Here’s the sketch before adding the tone:

About 1hr30.

The White Mountains and the wall of Aptera

A very quick sketch, 5 minutes, coloured later.
From the Turkish Fort at Aptera.
Robert Pashley sketched a section of the wall in 1833, noting its ‘polygonal’ stones. All the stones looked polygonal to us. We found the section he drew, though.

The Theatre, Ancient Aptera

Ancient Greek and Roman theatre, first constructed 3rd century BC, modified by the Romans 1st century AD. In the 20th century it was used as a lime kiln, remains of which were still there when we first visited here in 2009. In the last 5 years the remnants of the lime kiln have been removed, and the theatre is much restored. EU funding acknowledged on the notices.

Drawn and coloured on location. About an hour.


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