Abandoned Car, Shetland

Abandoned cars are a feature of the landscape in Shetland. This one is in the initial stages of decay.

Abandoned car, off the Vesquoy road, Walls, Shetland. 23rd July 2021, 5:30pm

Here is another abandoned car:

Shetland: vehicles in space

There’s a lot of empty space in Shetland. As I walked around, sometimes I encountered abandoned vehicles. Here is one. This was the last of a sequence of such car wrecks on a track.…

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4 thoughts on “Abandoned Car, Shetland”

  1. My grandson and son-in-law are spending a Father-Son week on The Lady of Avenel! And they’re having good weather for it, but perhaps not much wind … Rosey

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    1. Yes! I thought so. They sit there, looking out over the stupendously beautiful view, like elderly folk on park benches, ready for someone to talk to them, appreciate them and hear the stories they tell. My drawing them was my way of listening to them, appreciating them, in their declining years.
      I also find it outrageous that such littering of the environment takes place. As well as being poetic as you say, it is also shocking and surprising that such heaps are tolerated in the pristine islands. So, some mixed emotions, as I sat there drawing.

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