Chapel, Woodvale, Brighton

I was in Woodvale Crematorium, Brighton for a funeral service for my aunt Jean. Of course I arrived hugely early. Woodvale Crematorium has large leafy grounds, with hills. I did this drawing standing on a grassy slope. The chapel was in brilliant sun.

Aunt Jean was Jeanette Elsie, I discovered from the announcement. I didn’t know that. She was born in 1924, and lived through the war years in Slough, working in a munitions factory and gardening allotments. That’s where she met Eric, my uncle and the only businessperson in my family until me. Everyone else was medics, or teachers or academics.

I thought about her and Eric as I drew this picture. I had to finish it rather hurriedly as I heard bagpipes, which was the previous ceremony finishing. Then I went cautiously down the wet slippery paths.

About half an hour, drawn and coloured on location. Bright sun, 6 degrees C.

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