Mud Dock, Bristol

After a swim in Cleveden at high tide, I walked along the docks at Bristol.

I remember when “Watershed” was a kind of hippy place, half-derelict, half-dwelling, with a shop selling joss sticks, and a long smock-style dress in a wood-block print, that I should have bought. Or may be I did buy it. Or may be I agonised over the price, and waited, and thought, and now Watershed is a totally different place, with a cinema, and several bars, and they’ve mended the pavement outside, and parked yachts outside, and built a bridge.

The bridge leads past the art gallery called “Arnolfini” to the restaurant and bike shop called “Mud Dock”. I sat on a cast iron mooring post, and drew a picture.

Mud Dock, Bristol 22nd September 2021, 10″ x 8″ in Sketchbook 10

I did the pen and ink on location and added the colour back home at my desk.

This picture includes some collage: the slivers of paper on the bottom right are stuck on with rice glue. Underneath them, you see the “shadows” which I made by placing slivers of paper on the wet watercolour and waiting for them to dry.

3 thoughts on “Mud Dock, Bristol”

  1. It’s changed a lot over the years. I used to work in the big hotel next to the Arnolfini, the docks were so scruffy the restaurant used to be on the opposite side of the building on Prince Street. Bristol still remains my second favourite city although some bits could do with a facelift.

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    1. That’s interesting. I remember that hotel (Jurys? Juries? Were most of the staff Irish – or am I remembering wrongly? ) Bristol certainly has changed. I love the city. It’s impressive to see how much the docks area has changed – and keeps on changing. You can now walk along the river on the North side, past a whole succession of residential developments and bars. It’s really well done, at least, it looked pleasant and welcoming to this visitor. Every time I visit it’s different.

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      1. I worked there in the late 70s and it was called the Unicorn. Yes the docks are great, but unfortunately Broadmead where all the main shops were is looking very shabby


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