Woodbridge Tide Mill IP12

I sketched the wonderful Woodbridge Tide Mill earlier this month.

Woodbridge Tide Mill 4th April 2023, in Sketchbook 13, 10″ x 8″

The boats in the foreground are “Oystercatcher” on the left, and “Isla” on the right.

The Tide Mill was working when I visited. Huge wheels turned powerfully as water poured down from the Mill Pond. The water drives a millstone which grinds flour. There is also a tide-operated mobile phone charger in the mill!

Flour from the Mill, ground by tide power

This picture took me about an hour, drawn and coloured on location.

Here are some maps so you can find the Tide Mill. It’s a short walk from the railway station.

3 thoughts on “Woodbridge Tide Mill IP12”

    1. yes – it really was. I was surprised to find that the mill was working. They were very welcoming in there, and took time to answer my numerous questions. One hugely impressive thing was the waterwheels, room-sized constructions – rebuilt from oak in 2011. There was something very reassuring about the fact that in the 21st Century we still have the skills to build a cogged waterwheel from trees. It’s definitely worth a visit if you are nearby. The flour made good bread too.


  1. Thank you. So interesting.



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