Tomato from Montcigoux


I had to sketch it before we ate it.

This tomato was cultivated by Madame Sauté of Montcigoux, in the commune of Saint-Pierre-de-Frugie in Dordogne, France.

Watercolour on Fabriano Studio Watercolour 300gsm Hot press paper. 8″x10″. About 30minutes.


3 thoughts on “Tomato from Montcigoux”

  1. I do like this.
    this is the analog equivalent of taking a picture with your phone before you eat a meal that so annoys people.
    You must have a very patient significant other (you said ‘we’ in the comment).


    1. Thank you for the comment Nina.
      I did. And I do!
      This tomato was a work of art in its own right. See how large it was. I can now report that it was perfectly ripe – and delicious!


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